SUNDAY POST: Tourist Attraction

What better example than Paris? 😉

Here are some fresh photos from my latest trip.

This is my entry for Jake’s Sunday Post: Tourist Attraction. Click here to see his inspiring post and other entries for the challenge.

33 Comments on “SUNDAY POST: Tourist Attraction

    • These are some LR recipees 😉 I am still very lazy, and I wanted my obstructive tourists to shine 😀


    • Colline dear, I have found two of them 🙂 One was in Jardin de Luxembourg.. I think I will post it some day too :). Paris is an odd city full of charm…. I mean there are so many things I found annoying and I still loved it.. how can one explain that!!!


      • I cannot remember the one in the Luxembourg gardens. The one on the river I do remember taking a day out to go and see. I loved this city when I was there, and would love to go back again one day.


        • I know you would, so would I :). I booked a room in my favourite neighbourhood – right next to Sorbonne. While I was a student of French and literature it was a big deal for me to go and see Sorbonne. I spent 8 days there and my feet were aching, and I was under the weather, but I can easily see myself living there …


  1. What a sky , Paula…
    Tour Eiffel is not the main character , in the pic , this time!
    The takes are superb , as always….


    • 🙂 Grazie carissima…. this time I wanted tourists to be in the main focus for the challenge’s sake 😉 and honestly from the boat one can only hope for decent shots, and not actually take them 😉


    • P.S. To be honest, if it weren’t for tourists all the glory and fame of Paris would disappear….. 😉


      • Actually to be honest so I’m disagree with you… ‘hahaha’

        There are many wonderful places in Paris where tourists don’t come yet – I love to visit these places – but of course there are some places where you can’t avoid them and it is also fair and okay with me… 🙂 😉


        • You can visit a place as a tourist or as a traveller – I did both, and I am not going to disclose my “secret” non touristy sights to you 😛


  2. there she goes again! 😀 I agree, if it weren’t for tourists all the glory…. well said!


  3. Awesome photography once again Paula , Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂


  4. Fab shots as always Paula! Paris is one of my favourite cities too. We stayed right next to the Sorbonne on our last trip and loved it! Trying the Marais this July. Can’t wait 🙂


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