I spy with my little eye

Bathing in the sun, looking over the water, and dreaming of far away coasts…



This month I would like to introduce two bloggers that have my utmost respect and admiration. Please, say hello to Phil of phillanoue.com and Sophia of  sonelcorner.wordpress.com.

This post is my entry for Marianne’s CBBH Challenge. Pay her a visit!

54 Comments on “I spy with my little eye

  1. Hi Paula!!!
    Beautiful pic!!!! I like the effect very much…I love seagulls!!!!
    Thanks for your info about other blogs…I have discovered Phil´s…And it is great!!!!


  2. Gorgeous! I’s always a pleasure to have you onboard for my monthly challenge, Paula. Thanks for the links to two blogs you enjoy – of course, I know Sophie, but I’ll HOP over to Phil’s place straight away 🙂


  3. That is so totally imaginative Paula. Great shot and entry for the challenge hon and thanks for the mention. You are so sweet. 😀
    Love the music. What island are we going to? Somewhere cool… 😉


  4. A mask filter? As in Venice?
    I don’t care, I love it. 🙂
    Do you know the Palladian Traveller, Paula? I believe Tom lives in Vicenza and it looks beautiful.


  5. Very nice photo through the binoculars. I took a similar photo when we were in the Azores, but without the seagull and red flowers I’m afraid that my result was not as interesting as yours.


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