Black & White Sunday: A Castle

For a small sized country Croatia has its fair share of castles and manors though many of them are in a state of despair. The one in the photo is well preserved and is the most visited castle in the region. Trakošćan dates back to the 13th century, and has changed many owners in the course of its history. It was first built as a fortress within Croatia’s northwestern fortification system to monitor the road from Ptuj to Bednja Valley. Today the castle is owned by the Republic of Croatia and hosts a museum with permanent collection of historic artifacts.



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58 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: A Castle

  1. Comme dans un conte de fées, on dirait qu’une magie émane du château et des alentours…
    Très beau traitement Paula !
    Bon dimanche à toi, j’espère que tu vas bien, moi je vais dans ma famille 🙂
    Bisous !


    • Bonjour chere Julie 🙂 Je suis ravie que la photo te plaise. Je n’ai aucune idee ce que j’ai fait dans post-traitement, je sais seulement que je me suis arretee quand j’en ai ete contente 😀 J’ai fait une grosse matinee aujourd’hui. Amuse-toi bien chez les tiens. Je t’ecrirai bientot. D’accord? 🙂 Bisous!


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  3. The black and white for the castle is lovely. It looks like it almost has a halo around it giving it a wonderful effect.
    Have a wonderful week, Paula.


  4. That’s a very beautiful capture! And seeing this post i realised, that I know absolutely nothing about Croatia (besides Goran Ivanisevic)…so, your post is even more interesting!


    • Oh, we have far more interesting attractions that Goran Ivanisevice :). I will be happy to show you through my posts Sayantan 🙂 Thank you!


  5. What a lovely combination of castle and church, Paula. I love the drama of this. Was the sky blue when you took the shot, or more stormy?


    • Thank you, Allan. I should have included a link to Wikipedia 🙂 I did not think that people would be interested. I am happy to see you are 🙂


  6. A really beautiful castle, Paula. It has a fairytale quality about it. Looks great in B&W, but I’d also love to see it in colour. 🙂 Love the Medieval sounding music.


  7. Beautiful Paula! I love how the light highlights the features of the castle. I can imagine that in colour this photo would not be as effective.


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