Thursday’s Special: A Thing of Beauty


white owl


 **About Thursday’s Special: It is a ‘non-challenge’ challenge that appeals to bloggers eager to wake up their creativity and show their own ideas and interpretation of the world. I invite everybody interested to join in. There are no themes, titles and techniques set for your expression, there are no limits and restrictions (no red tape whatsoever). The only thing required is to post a photo post on Thursdays entitled “Thursday’s Special: (your theme/title)” (as explained in my Thursday’s Special introductory post), to provide a link to my Thursday’s Special post, and to leave a link to your post in the comments section of my post. If you like Thursday’s Special widget, feel free to grab it and post it on your blog.



Check out the fabulous entries to Thursday’s Special:

74 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: A Thing of Beauty

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    • Thank you dear Ese, and sorry for my being late posting the link. (I was away on business) Spring is an inspiring season! I love your shot 🙂


  2. I believe this owl is thinking “Oh what a beauty this photographer, I have to relax and smile”

    Okay seriously. it’s very well captured… 🙂


  3. What a fabulous shot, Paula! And wonderful music. I can just see him flying 🙂
    How thoughtful of you to schedule this post. I shan’t be doing that when I’m in Poland at the end of the month. I shall award everyone a well earned rest from me. Hope the trip isn’t too arduous.


    • Thank you hun for thinking of me. I came back less than two hours ago, and have been busy checking out the entries ever since. How long will our break from you last? 😀 I might do the same thing when I go to London on the 1st of May :O


      • Hi Paula 🙂 I’m just back from a ‘girl’s night’ so not at my best. You will be in London while I am in Krakow so we can compare notes on our return! I’m back 8th May. Hope your weekend is full of promise.


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  8. Sorry hit that too fast. Love that shot. I went out today and took some video, mostly wanting the audio of a robin and a few red-winged blackbirds. Thanks for Thursday Special!


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  13. I found you via Amy. Firstly I hope you are feeling better, as I take it you haven’t been. Secondly…wow…such a gorgeous creature and a great shot. I think I will try to join in here !!!


  14. What a stunning beauty Paula and you’ve captured it so well! I just love it and the music with it makes it just more beautiful.
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well too. Today is the first day that I can enjoy looking at posts again and smile. Hope you are doing much better hon. Thinking of you. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


    • Hi Sonel, I was selecting photos to make a retrospective of bloggers’ entries for Thursday’s Special, and I stopped by your place again, to leave a few likes and most of all to see if you have allowed commenting somewhere. Honey, I am thinking of you and sending best wishes and thoughts your way. (December 5, 2014)

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      • Hi sweetness and thanks for stopping by and for the likes. You are so special. 😀

        Thanks hon and sending lots of love and hugs to you. ❤


        • How are you? I made a gallery of some entries (participants) in TS this year. There are some of yours too in menu TS PAGE- TS Participants (just in case you want to see).


          • This time of the year I don’t like and it makes me depressed, but otherwise I’m okay thanks. Hanging in there. How are you?

            That is so sweet of you and what a beautiful idea and thought. I will be sure to check in and see. Thank you so much. 😀 ♥


            • I don’t like it either and I have hard time explaining it to people; my being active now and making plans for 2015 challenges makes it easier. Apart from that I am not bad if I dont go out much (cold is killing me) and if I spare my hand from too much computer. I asked people if they would be willing to host a post (challenge) some time in 2015. I would love so much to have you here, but I understand if you can’t. Sending hugs and love your way. ❤

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              • Yes, it is difficult explaining these kinds of feelings to people, especially those who don’t want to understand. I don’t feel like doing anything, so kudos to you for going at it. I wish I could. 😀

                I am glad to hear that hon. Yep, I know how bad cold can be and I do hope your hand gets real better soon hon. I have carpal tunnel in my left arm and wrist, so when I do use it too much, the pain also becomes unbearable, so yeah, I know how frustrating and painful that can be. You just take care hon and look after yourself.

                I don’t know anything about hosting sweetness, but thanks very much for asking. If I could, I would but as you know I am not much of a talker or writer either. I suck at both. LOL! I am very sure though that you will find lots of great bloggers who will be able to do it for you.

                Keep well sweetness and take care. ♥ Hugs ♥


                • Thank you for your messages, Sophia. I am not looking for writers or talkers (honestly, 95% of them bore me to them, I just want photographers, and you are among the best….. But I understand it is difficult to commit and chose a date, so please don't worry. *hugs*

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                  • You’re welcome hon and I know the feeling. Thank you for the lovely compliment and you are way too kind. I wish I could feel and think the same way you do. Maybe one day, but thanks hon. You are so sweet.

                    At this stage I don’t feel like blogging or even taking photos, but thanks for thinking of me. We’ll talk again when I feel better. 😀 ❤


                    • I know and I wish that you soon feel well enough to take photos cause I know it makes you happy.


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