Work of Art

Art is a bridge across eras, cultures, and lifetimes.

Leo Tolstoy



This allegorical sculpture of Africa by William Theed is part of Albert Memorial commissioned by Queen Victoria in memory of her beloved husband (Kensington Gardens, London)

Allegorical sculpture of Africa by William Theed, part of Albert Memorial commissioned by Queen Victoria in memory of her beloved husband (Kensington Gardens, London)

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63 Comments on “Work of Art

  1. Great work of art, perfectly captured.
    What a great backdrop you got here, Paula. That gives an aura to this sculpture…
    A chain of work of arts 🙂


    • Yes, it is a very exotic sculpture :D. I was so thankful to see a trace of sunshine in the sky that day. Thank you for your visit and a nice comment, Patti 🙂


  2. wow … this photo is trippy on many levels! that background is intense! but the light on the sculpture is vivid. may i ask what time of day this shot was taken, paula?


    • 🙂 Thank you kindly, Allan. Of all the sculptures in Albert Memorial this one caught the best light while I was passing – it was a moment not to be missed 😉


  3. Such an interesting shot on many levels, Paula! Love those moody clouds 🙂
    I seem to know the voice but can’t put a name to it? Like the sound very much.


    • Thank you very much Jo 🙂 I like this one too. The singer is Sinead O’Connor. I love this song – it is from the film “Young Victoria” 😉


      • Knew I knew the voice! So irritating when you can’t remember (and I’ve got football on the TV in competition! 😦 ) I know- I could go elsewhere but I’m being ‘companionable’, or what passes for!


        • 😆 you made me laugh Jo. I’ve just finishing watching “Young Victoria” – I miss England already. Hubby suggested Northumberland for our future visit to your island. 🙂 (though I don’t know when it will happen)


  4. Amazing photo Paula. You’ve done a great job with the shooting and the post-processing. You were also lucky with the weather and light, it really creates a dramatic effect. Fantastic!


  5. I’m not sure which is the more impressive work of art, the sculpture itself or your photograph of it. The lighting on the statue is perfect, and the sky in the background is amazing.


  6. This is such an amazing shot Paula. A work of art indeed hon. Gorgeous! 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


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