Cover Art – Gypsy Flame


“Flamenco is the means through which man reaches God without the intervention of saints or angels.”

– Luis Antonio de Vega


This is my cover for Armik Dashchi’s album “Gypsy Flame” . The attached single has the same title. 

flame close_nv


Let’s see some more cover art.

49 Comments on “Cover Art – Gypsy Flame

  1. Inspired, Paula! I just saw the theme 5 minutes ago and as usual you are streets ahead of me. Love the music too. Have a happy weekend 🙂


  2. The graceful flow of the flame is a good reflection of the flow of the music and the dance, and that purple line expresses drama. Again, you’ve done it!

    Have a restful and replenishing weekend.


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  4. Stunning photo, Paula – it really melts with the music. I am an admirer – not only of the fervent flamenco moves but also of almost meditative moments watching a candle burn. And of your photographs, of course! 🙂


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    • Thank you very much, Hilary. I’ll confess that this photo is one of my all time favourites. I have a lasting fascination with fire/flames, and had had a vision of a flame shot like this for a long time before I took it.


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