Black & White Sunday: Flow


potok b&w_drugi

If you want to join Black and White Sunday, feel free to grab the widget bellow and post a photo (or several of them) for this or some other theme of your choice. Just make sure it is black & white and link it to this post.



The list of scheduled Black & White Sunday and Thursday’s Special posts still pending in December: (Please see the newly added page SCHEDULED CHALLENGES for further details)

2014/12/18 – Sunset (Thursday’s Special)

2014/12/21 – Night (Black & White Sunday)

2014/12/28 – Wish (Black & White Sunday)


Beautiful entries this Sunday are:

Debbie goes with the flow in NY

Suzanne’s flow

Joseph’s Flow


30 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Flow

  1. You’ve done it again, this time frozen movement, without losing the textures and shades of the water.

    Flow really made me think – without coming up with anything. Closest I came was ‘swirl’, as my granddaughter modelled her clothes from a shopping expedition to op shops.

    May you Sunday be as beautiful as your photo!


    • Stark nature with dark contrasts – very evocative. I like it, Suzanne! I wonder which one to display – the first or the second?


  2. that music was upbeat and nice = and I liked the different feel of the water – so much variance in one image – nice. 🙂

    – also enjoyed the small images of the other bloggers entries – really grateful because I do not always have time to follow the links and this allowed me to see the participants (even though I did see debbie’s earlier today) –


    • Thanks a bunch, Mark. Are you having some time off over holidays? I only get three days off, but that will be something too. My best wishes to you 🙂


      • I do indeed! I have two weeks off. 1st week is somewhat busy preparing for the holiday however the second week i hope to spend time going through some of my work, posting another photo and catching up on some photography reading. Best wishes to you as well. Much health and happiness to you and your husband.


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