TS: Knowing your place (response to Guest challenge)


 Music: Croatian song by Arsen Dedić and Zlatko Vitez – “Neba Zagreba” (Skies of Zagreb)

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is my home town. I was born here and though I spent most of my early years in the south, I always longed to go back. The roof of St Mark’s Church is the most recognisable vista in the upper town, but not many locals climb Lotrščak Tower to see it from above. It took a challenge like Mrs Farrell’s to make me think of a particular image that would stay with me most if I was to leave this town for ever.


markov krov

The most picturesque church roof in the country features two coats of arms; one of the town of Zagreb and the other of the 19th century Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.


markov trg

For this Thursday’s Special (colour challenge) you are invited to post photos of something that reminds you of your place, but if you don’t have any, your are allowed to come up with your own special theme/interpretation. Please see Tish Farrell’s prompt.  As usual leave links to your posts in the comment section. The links to your “knowing your place” posts will be displayed both here and on the Guest challenge post. Wishing you all a happy Thursday!




P.S. On 17th August 2015 the inimitable musician, composer and poet Arsen Dedic passed away.


What follows are entries from participants in this challenge. Have a look by clicking on titles bellow: 

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72 Comments on “TS: Knowing your place (response to Guest challenge)

  1. thanks for the culture rich song “Neba Zagreba” – I find that our home office ha sheen transformed – and that is definitely one of the coolest roofs in the world….


  2. That’s quite the roof, and I like that old steeple. The problem with living in a country like Canada that has only been around for the past 150 years is that we lack the beautiful much older architecture that you have there. I’ve said this many times.

    In my city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada there is a moderately sized but highly visible Croatian population — 4,840 (3.9 percent of overall census population). In fact, our last Mayor Bob Bratina is of Croatian descent:


    He’s now aims to move into federal politics.

    Hamilton Croatia is a Croatian Canadian amateur soccer team that was founded in 1957, and is part of the The Canadian Junior Football League.


  3. Paula, such beautiful mosaic! On the roof of a Church! No wonder you’d take this view anywhere you are! I would think the mosaic is painted roof tiles, similar to St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna? Do the clock on the tower ring? It’s so bright and pretty! Did you add the 1841 to the dome or it is actually there? This place is ecstatic! And you managed to take a photo with the real tree, too! It does not get better – be glad I can’t physically hug you with all my excitement (you might not be hug person, after all) and all that remains are nice and appropriate e-hugs 🙂


    • You got it right! It is the mosaic made of painted roof tiles 🙂 The year is painted on the dome. There is a 13th century tower from where I took these photos that has a cannon on the 4th floor which shoots every day at noon to signal all bell ringers in the city to ring in harmony. I think I would gladly accept your hug, Elena. Thank you 🙂

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  4. What a magnificent shot Paula, both of the church and its setting. I stumbled across it on one of my early morning walks, and found photographing it frustrating. This challenge gave me a good chance to know your place a bit better, as do many of your posts.


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    • Anna, may I ask you to read (when you have time) my guest challenger’s post (Tish Farrel – the link is in the text). I think you will find it very interesting 🙂


      • In questi giorni ho il tablet “inceppato” e non ho accesso a tutte le sue funzioni…..
        Appena riesco a leggere il tuo post , te lo comunico.
        Grazie per la segnalazione!


  6. Glorious capture, Paula, and that shot sings ‘proud to be Croatian’ to me! Why wouldn’t you be? The roof is exquisite. Some day I hope to see a little more of your homeland. Meanwhile I love your shares. 🙂 (and the Christmas tree!)


    • You got it right, Jo. I am proud 🙂 and so are the ones that sing the enclosed song. Thank you for coming in so early.


      • I liked the sounds, though I didn’t have a translation 🙂 🙂 I was awake early, early this morning and will be even earlier tomorrow. Have a good weekend, Paula! Hope you have some time off.


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  9. These are breath-taking shots, Paula, and a perfect response to the prompt. I love the way your blog gives us a creative place where we can all come to have our imaginations and inspiration sparked up.


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    • Happy to read you Patti. Now if you ever see a Croatian flag, you’ll know where the chessboard pattern came from 😉


  12. The roof is art itself! I am so glad I saw Tish’s post which led me to you. I had my notices turned off. Great way to show us your “place” Paula!


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  14. Quel beau hasard de découvrir votre site ce matin ! Je projette d’aller passer quelques jours à Zagreb et environs en juin, les photos de la partie ancienne de la ville sont superbes. Quelle architecture intéressante ! Merci.


  15. I was so happy to get an email about this pingback. It’s an old one, but it brought me back to wordpress. I’ve missed it so much. I’ve been through a lot lately and I want to get back to expressing myself on here. So thank you so much for bringing me back 🙂


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