This is my response to weekly photo challenge symmetry.

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94 Comments on “Symmetry

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  2. niiice. i am wondering…would you care… to share… the secret of… i don’t know how to call it. the square i guess. you split it in half because one half was better exposed. but had the both halves been equally well exposed you wouldn’t have to ‘copy/paste’ one half. how do you get the effect of 4 walls ( or in some photos that i saw – 4 buildings) around photographer (in a way). i don’t know if the question makes sense?


    • I am sorry it is probably my earache but I don’t know what you are asking. It is not the question of exposure only. Hardly any place or object is perfectly symmetrical on its own.


  3. excellent photo and of course the symmetry of the cathedral is such an architectural success.


  4. Oh – I just read how you did it – very clever and very slack of me not to read the other comments before I posted mine.


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  7. Gorgeous! Looking so surreal…precise to the tiniest detail! In the first moment I had the feeling of looking in kaleidoscope where the pattern would change the moment I would blink πŸ™‚


    • Thank you kindly Ese. It is always nice to read you. Funny, several people mentioned kaleidoscope effect and I can see it now though I wasn’t aware of it earlier.


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