Wall Art – Little Flying Bears defending Zagreb


Let me share with you a scene from my neighbourhood. I must feel safe with little flying bears on watch.

leteci medvjedici-1


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48 Comments on “Wall Art – Little Flying Bears defending Zagreb

    • These little bears are characters from a cartoon that was made in Croatian-Canadian coproduction. Thank you, Janet.


  1. I think this one surely is a mood changer every time walking by… Like a peek down the rabbit (bear) hole to a different world! 🙂
    Great capture, Paula!


  2. I’m always cheered by murals, and this one is a beauty. I enjoy your conversations on your posts too – they always add something, and I’m a sucker for words: images are hard work for this verbal tragic. Hope you’re well-rested.


  3. Flying Guardian – Bears – how wonderfully symbolic and sweet! Is the mural maintained at all? I remember back in Odessa there were a couple of graffiti masterpieces, violated by some imbeciles who got their hands on a can of spray paint – so sad…


  4. It’s very cute 🙂 I have more but I think I posted sufficient yesterday. Any chance of a restful weekend or are you working again?


    • I don’t really take that street often, but knowing that they are right there keeping a watch makes me feel safe 😉


  5. What a stunning capture of this beautiful art Paula! I wouldn’t mind seeing that every day as well. Love the colours. 😀 ♥


    • Since you from Canada I have to tell you that these flying bears are from a cartoon that was done in coproduction of Croatian and Canadian Television. On this particular painting they have shields with the sign of cherries. Cherries are the symbol of my neighbourhood “Tresnjevka” that was named many years ago after many cherry trees that grew here.


  6. The art work, like a cosy bed-time story, is in such stark contrast to the strong lines of the neighbourhood. A wonderful shot Paula!


    • Just for you Linda:
      “U tvom sam gradu u ljetnu noc
      A zelim tu i ostati
      Kazes, naci cemo lijek
      Dopusti da ti pomognem.” (I’m in your town one summer night, and I want to stay here, you say we’ll find a cure, let me help you…” The title is Svijet za nas – The World for us (in the entire song it can be seen that it is actually “Not the World for us”) I really like this vocal from Croatia. I appreciate your lent ear my dear Linda.


  7. Superb image for the theme, Paula 🙂

    The perspective is quite interesting and it’s a very unique combination I felt…. flying bears, warrior bears, old building and modern buildings as back drop…

    The music is also a bit different, but certainly enjoyable 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing …


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