Black & White Sunday: Tools



Join me this Sunday again and post a photo or several photos of something that can be interpreted as tools. Make sure it is monochrome. A Happy and peaceful Sunday to all of you!



To see the entries to this challenge click on the titles bellow:


Old Timer

Tools of the Tea Trade

Black and White Tools

Wood chairΒ 

Herramientas del jardin

Tools and Knives


Virginia Woolf Napkin

Perfumer’s Tools

60 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Tools

  1. Paula, your entries are so full of poetry. With even the tiniest thing, the most ordinary tool, that special something around the corner, that little twist that caught your eye. Love it, every time!


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  4. Excellent shot, the contrast between the tools and the texture of the door look great in black and white. I like this kind of pictures where the photographer has found an interesting detail shares it with the audience.


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  9. I decided to try a unique approach: posting the Sunday Black and White Challenge on … (gasp) Sunday! Revolutionary concept!

    I love your wall of old tools. We have a lot of old tools around, but nowhere convenient for photography. I was thinking that everything we use to make or prepare something else, from a teapot to a piano, is a tool. I never thought about it before.


  10. “In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…”
    With ancient horseshoes and hints of duty…
    Where hanging tools lie – all shiny and clean!


  11. The photo in black and white of these tools makes me think of days gone by when people made their living from shoeing horses. Nice one Paula.


  12. Ancient tools, looks like they could be in a museum. Nice B&W shot Paula. I didn’t have time to join on Sunday because of the moving. There’s still a lot to be done before I can relax, but it’s starting to look better there now.


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  14. Cool black and white shots in the background cool music goes πŸ™‚


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