Guest Challenge: Perspective and Anti-Perspective for Black & White Sunday




Why black and white? I can think of several answers to that question, one of them being: Because it is abstract; after all you leave out colour. Another answer could be: Because black and white photography is a wonderful way to tackle geometry.

Hopping aboard a different train of thought, I remember Hans Belting, a German art historian, stating that a camera is machine for making perspectives. Looking further into perspective, I learned that some Avant-Garde Artists of the Renaissance era claimed that perspective was about geometry (my German source for this claim is Albrecht Dürer, but I am sure there are also Italian sources).

Perspective – geometry – black and white photography: This is how things seem to connect. Against this background, I would like you to challenge the idea that perspective is inevitable in a photo. If you like, make two photos of the same object: One containing as much and the other one as little perspective as you can.

(And if you really get interested in this topic: Study the work of Ellsworth Kelly. I think he teaches us a lot not only about abstraction but also about perspective.)




Perspective  and

Dialog - Flora VI


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    • I can imagine – this is how I felt when I first got Tobias’s mail suggesting this post 😀


  6. (I just posted some pictures from which I tried to ban perspective today – but they belong to a different context and unfortunately do not work in black and white. So this is just an aside, hoping they transport the idea. Paula, I hope this is okay.)


  7. Thanks for this interesting challenge Tobias. As you already know, your mention of Avant-Garde led me down on this strange path – a path that I almost certainly wouldn’t have taken without your mention of it. So, thanks again for the inspiration.


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