Thursday’s Special: Cloudscape


“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
– Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds 

Poet, short-story writer, Nobel laureate in literature (the first non-European one), Indian Nationalist, polymath and author of a new genre of popular contemporary music known as rabindra-sangeet that draws on traditional Bengali folk and devotional music as well as Western Folk melodies, Rabindranath Tagore, or simply Kabi as they call him in India, was born in Calcutta some 154 years ago.

Listen to Amaro porano jaha chaay (All that my heart wishes for)




This is another Thursday’s Special photo challenge. Today the theme is cloudscape. Are clouds interesting enough to make a picture by themselves? I hope they are! Show me the clouds that you’ve seen and leave me links to your posts. Happy Thursday!




Contributions to this challenge can be seen by clicking the titles bellow:

Clouds over Postdamer Platz

Cloudscape Reflected 

Alternative blue sky

One of many stunners by Irene

 A break in the rain

On Edge with Stormy Weather over Wenlock

Rainbow clouds

Flying bellow the equatorial line

From the plane

Night train and dark clouds

John’s cloudscape


African clouds

Paisaje con nubes en Madrid

Solstice Clouds

Hawaiian sunsets

Big, Fluffy and Dramatic

Abode of clouds

117 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Cloudscape

    • Thanks a lot, Raewyn. Last summer in Europe was very wet, but it allowed me to capture a double rainbow and this beauty 🙂


  1. Definitely interesting enough to make a picture by themselves, and with that shot of sunset through the frame. Beautiful!


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  3. I know that I have some cloud-porn photos from different flights going here and there. I’ll see if I can find an interesting one later. I like the colors in your shot.


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    • Again it is a great pleasure to see your contribution, Suzanne. I don’t know if you prefer the same photo as the one I chose to display here…..


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      • The only countries in Europe I am miss to visit are Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Lithuania – while Romania, Turkey and Estonia, I have only visited once – the rest I have all visited more than once – I’m not proud of the “bglack spots” of mine… :-/


          • Yes have been visiting Slovakia twice once while it was called Czechoslovakia (as a teenager in two international young handball matches one in Bratislava and one in Prague) and once after – the Czech Republic, I have been visited three times after the splitting.


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  8. Music to lie on my back and watch the clouds to, Paula 🙂 So cross with myself! For some stupid reason I thought your theme this week was ‘decay’. I should pay closer attention! I have lots of clouds but I think most of them must be in my head. 😦 This is a beautiful shot.


    • Love your sense of humour. I chose “decay” for next week and still haven’t capture anything decaying. I remember your gorgeous clouds, Jo. Please relax and when you are ready show us some of them 🙂 xx


      • I saw something in your comments about it (decay) and then just didn’t check. I had some Algarve posts I wanted to get back to because it seems forever since I was there. Catch up with you later. Hugs! 🙂

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  9. These clouds do indeed make a picture, Paula. Last night, when signs of summer actually appeared here at last, I was watching the sky over the field. It was like a moving painting, but beyond me to capture, though I did take a few shots. I shall have a look at them now and see how they turned out. A beautiful soundtrack to your clouds.


  10. Your choice is stunning, Paula. I love the theme because I have many photos of clouds. I simply love to shoot their shapes and the colors they get during sunrise or sunshine hours. I’ve selected a few, so let me get more focused and make choices.
    Have a good day!


    • Boa quinta, Lucile. Thank you for showing me so many cloudscapes, and remember you can never have too many.


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    • We’ll do cityscape too soon 😀 I love your night shot – golden lights on the ground and silver lights in the sky.


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  16. The music was a particularly wonderful choice! I had no idea that he composed music, so thank you for introducing me.


    • It was a great discovery for me. I am glad you have enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for your visit and comment.


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    • Thank you very much John. The sky you captured is dramatically beautiful. I hope you’ll get some better days soon.


  18. Life is quite frantic. I thought I commented on this, but it appears I haven’t. Clouds in the head, along with Jo, I think. And comments in the head, but never committed to writing. Yours is a spectacular shot, with the solidity of those clouds on the diagonal, and then the colour.

    My clouds in words: when I used to drive regularly form Broken Hill to the coast I never found the vast expanse of the Hay Plains in western NSW boring in its flatness, partly because of the magnificent and uninterrupted cloudscapes it seemed to produce.


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    • I knew about the anthem, but so many people do not. I wish they could read this. Thank you for the link, Kan. I will display it on my blog as usual. Thank you for the follow 🙂

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  21. Have never seen such a dramatic cloud formation Paula!!! Your stunning photo does full justice to Tagore’s wise words. Thank God for English, for his song lyrics are as foreign to me as to you 🙂


  22. That is a VERY striking cloudscape, Paula. Such depth and texture, I can almost scent the air below those clouds!


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