Black & White Sunday: NATURAL

When I think of a challenge I intend it to be as broad and as specific as possible. This time the theme is NATURAL – it can be nature in general, human nature or anything in between.

The following naturescape for me is an allegory of human nature. If you haveย missed seeing it in colour, you can find it here with the corresponding story.

evening star_b_w-1


Again you have a week to post your entries for this challenge, however early submissions are greatly appreciated. Have a good week ahead!

More details about future events here.





Entries for this challenge include:

What a Butte!

ย Natural from Wellington


Natural sense of Wonder


Naturally monochrome in winter

Is time natural?

A short walk from home

Nature in Black & White

Dromberg Stone Circle

68 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: NATURAL

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  4. Lovely starburst and lines of dark and light. I’m partial to diagonals, as I may have said before.

    (Written in front of a fire with a man and two dogs and unexpected reception. Happy Sunday to you too!)


    • That’s not the first time that I publish this scene, though the first one was in colour. That burst wasn’t there when I shot it – diagonals were of course. I will have a happy day once I have recovered. Thank you for coming here to comment.


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  6. It changes the mood completely but I do prefer the vivid colour (no real surprises there ๐Ÿ™‚ ) The music with this is wonderful, Paula. Soothing on Sunday, I hope.


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  8. Nice theme Paula. I’m automatically thinking about naturally shaped, beautiful women and I know for sure that I have some suitable photos! However, I’ve been busy in the weekend and I’ll be having guests from both Hong Kong & Japan during the next week, so I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to post something.
    I hope you guys had a great trip this weekend!



  10. That is a gorgeous picture and the twinkle adds greatly to it.

    I guess we are both members of the “canceled vacation” club. I hope you feel better very soon. I responded to this more quickly than usual to reduce the burden on you. I hope it helps.

    You said natural … and immediately, I thought of my winter pictures which are essentially monochrome because winter in this region is a very monochromatic experience … probably why we get so desperate for spring toward the end of winter. Anything to get a little color in our world!


    • I’ve just come back from your winter fairy tale. It’s what it looks like to me, Marilyn. You won’t hear too many complaints about winter from me, as I am a winter child ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you so much for this wonderful and prompt response. My best to you and Garry.


  11. Love this photo, Paula. I find I’m drawn more to the black and white version. Love the story you wrote with the color version! Have a wonderful week! ๐Ÿ™‚


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    • Thank YOU, John. I am really glad you are recovering well. I appreciate your participation with this original entry. Take good care.


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  14. This and the first photos are so beautiful. I enjoyed reading the first post too.
    The woman-made star made it even more special. Paula’s special!
    Get well soon!


    • Obrigada minha querida Lucile. Por sorte podei descansar 4 dias, mas amanha tenho de volver no escrotorio ainda doente. Muito obrigada pelo comentario. Beijos


      • Nรฃo hรก o que agradecer, querida Paula. Fiquei preocupada com vocรช. Nรฃo pode voltar somente quando estiver melhor?
        Se cuide bem para nรฃo ficar pior!
        Beijos com carinho.


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