Thursday’s Special: Bird’s Eye (View)

Today’s photo challenge can be interpreted in at least two ways.

You can do a bird’s eye view

birds eye view_venice_pravi-1_potpis

or just a bird’s eye

galeb pogled dolje-1_potpis

Whatever your choice, I’ll be happy with you contribution. Happy Thursday!


Once again I am very pleased to present the participants’ entries. Don’t forget to click on the links above images:

Putting things in perspective

Stelvio Pass

Bird’s Eyes

Between the bottom and the summit

Bird’s Eye View in Hyde Park

Mrs. Cardinal

Airy Heights

Falcon’s Eye View

Pelicans with a viewpoint

Bird’s Eye View of Shela Village, Lamu

View from Tokyo Tower

Bird’s Eye (view) by Klara


Bird’s eye view

Doorway to the Universe

A vista de pajaro, en Peru

The Ballestas Islands

86 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Bird’s Eye (View)

  1. Ohwhat a gorgeous photo and what a timely challenge. I woke up thinking about bird’s eye views this morning. I should get a response up today.


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  3. Your photos are great pairing, demonstrating your skill in very different modes.

    The best I can do – no head for heights myself and no skill photographing birds – is report that every bird in Liston has its eye open for Leopard, Prince of Darkness as he prowls, and runs up trees, and skithers down them backwards hoping for a kill – as is his nature, but not our desire.


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  5. I must say, I like your bird’s eye view…where? I would guess somewhere in Croatia??


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  8. Venice, a wonderful place on every level – birds eyes level, “street” eye level and I guess fish eye level too… 😀

    Excellent captures – wonder if the seagull is croatian – make me wonder what about “your” city pigeons.? 😀


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  11. Stunningly beautiful view of Venice, Paula! Oh, to be there now, but way too busy and hot. I’ll just enjoy looking and listening with you. 🙂

    Have you recovered your sleep pattern yet?


    • I like your entry DM. What a precious visitor, Mrs. Cardinal is! Thank you, kindly for this lovely entry!


  12. Very nice photographs Paula. Where ws the bird’s eye view taken? I think i remember being there as a child – when it was still called Yugoslavia…


  13. Just a quick hello. Insane amount of work here today (a lot lately, but the level of work reached to a completely retarded amount today) and fully packed program in the evenings! Both shots are really lovely. I didn’t have any drafts saved up that could fit, so I have to pass on the challenge this time… I hope that you’re fine and that you’re enjoying the summer! 🙂


    • Hello Max. I know it can get pretty hectic during summer – I am busy too. We are going on our holiday 16 of July for 9 days on the beach. It is getting really hot now.


  14. Absolutely fabulous shots, Paula! Your bird’s eye view of Venice is breathtaking and your bird’s eye is great! How did you get that bird to take the photo for you? LOL! You made me chuckle! Beautiful music…! 🙂


    • I hope it’s just a short one due to cafeine shortage,not real migraine. Get better, Marilyn!


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  20. Maravillosa foto de Venecia, a la que, a cualquier vista que se te ocurra, siempre me encanta volver.
    Aquí están mis ” a vista de pájaro”
    Ya veo que esta ola de calor está siendo igual de seria en toda Europa, aquí es tan terrible que cuesta caminar.
    Ya te queda muy poco para las vacaciones y en la playa seguro que conseguirás mejor temperatura.
    Un abrazo.


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