Black and White Sunday: Sculpture


Break it down in the world of secrets


My example for today’s sculpture theme is an alchemist sitting at the doorstepΒ of a cafe in Bratislava. He was at the point of explaining one of his theories while I was passing by. Follow my lead, if you will, and post a photo(s) of a sculpture in black and white. Do it today or over the next six days. Happy Sunday!





Look at the participants’ entries by clicking on the titles bellow:


Sculpture by Debbie

Sculpture by Ese

Sculpture by Klara

Sculpture by Middleton Road

Sculpture by Candy

Sculpture by Linda

Sculpture by DM

Sculpture by Tish

Sculpture by Susan Judd

Sequel sculpture by Tish

Sculpture by Francesca

Sculpture by Lynne

Sculpture by Lori

Sculptures by Jo

51 Comments on “Black and White Sunday: Sculpture

  1. The minute I saw him, I thought it had to be Bratislava. I didn’t spot him when I was there, mind you.
    Mine will be up soon.
    Happy Sunday to you too


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    • I never stayed to see what happens to him at the end of the day. πŸ˜€ I like the sculpture you presented, Klara πŸ™‚


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  5. Alchemist, must be an interesting job. Great photo Paula. I definitely have some photos that can fit your theme, but it’s been a hectic weekend and the week looks like it’s going to be hectic as well! I’ll probably post something anyway though, because it’s always fun to join your challenges.
    Enjoy your week Paula!


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