Guest Challenge: What Will Make You Happy?



What Will Make You Happy?

I’m delighted to be hosting this week’s Black and White Challenge for Paula.  For the start of a new year, and my birthday weekend, we deserve a cheery topic.  In fact, it’s “Sweet ’16” this year and that just has to be the ideal time to consider happiness.

So, what will Amuse you? Brighten your day?  Cheer you up?  Delight you?  Elate you?  Fill you with joy?  Gladden your heart?  Humour you?  Infuse you with pleasure?  Jazz up your day?  Kindle a love of this moment?  Lift your mood?  Make you merry?   Naturalise your mirth?  Overjoy you?  Pep you up?  Quicken your heartbeat?  Raise your spirits?  Satisfy you?  Tickle you pink?  Uplift you?  Vivify you?  Wow you? Exhilarate you?  Yell “be happy”?  Zap you with pleasure?

Got the question? Well, here is an answer…





Entries to this challenge:

17 Comments on “Guest Challenge: What Will Make You Happy?

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  4. What a thought-provoking image, as I canvass the ways this bench could make me happy: its possible location, its peeling paint for a start, then the rocks beneath its feet or its availability at a point of fatigue. Let me count more ways as I go about my day.


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  6. What’s not to love about a bench? And especially one with words of wisdom like this one – makes me almost want to continue my bench challenge :-/


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