Black & White Sunday: Surreptitious Photography

This is not what I usually do when going around armed with a camera, but it happened twice or thrice that I unintentionally spied on people.

Surreptitious photography is challenging, but it may have its rewards like ending up with really candid shots, or it can have undesirable effects such as being beaten up or sewed.

Whether or not you’ll take me up on this challenge it’s at your own risk.






linda moca-1-potpis


This is Black & White Sunday photo challenge with the theme “surreptitious photography”. If you decide to join in, make sure to leave your pingbacks and links in the comment section. Slideshows with the compiled photos from participating bloggers can be seen here. Please, check out the list of forthcoming events and challenges on Scheduled challenges page.





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87 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Surreptitious Photography

  1. Oh, I do like your bench shot. Very good, Paula.
    I do sometimes shoot people without asking or telling but it does depend on what country I’m in. Definitely not advised in France because of their privacy rules. And in Istanbul it was impossible as they all wanted to pose.
    Not sure if I’ve got anything I haven’t used before. Off to have a look!

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  2. I love the unselfconsciousness of such shots, and b&w suits them well. They’re such a contrast. The bench body is totally unrecognisable; the woman totally identifiable, with that lovely splash of red. And then there are dapples and sharpness. What a gathering.

    One of my Warsaw resolutions is to be less shy about such shots, while still being discreet and respectful. This is a good reminder. I have two colour photos I’ve been waiting to find a home for. If I can track them down, I’ll try b&w conversion.

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  3. The girl at the end is so pretty and artsy with her earrings, shirt, etc. – And sure wish I was the one on that bench and in that chill position – 😉☀️


  4. I can just picture you ‘snooping’, Paula 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day! I like ‘hot lips’ too but I’m more of a lazy bench type.
    Nice music!


  5. I love the frozen moment in time of this type of photography but it does have its challenges. It’s easier if it’s tourist season somewhere when everyone has a camera up – then you don’t stand out so much and, who knows, you could be taking a shot of the building or scene behind your target 🙂


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  11. It’s so cold out that anything taken today would be literally frozen moments. I love your black and white city pictures. They have a grittiness that reminds me of days long past.



  13. Interesting photos Paula. The last one looks like a model posing for you she is beautiful, such a classic face enhanced with the red lipstick.


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  15. I know this isn’t what you usually do, but you managed a fantastic gallery without getting beaten up! 😀 The last one is my favourite too.


    • Hey Lady 🙂 I missed seeing you (not your fault). I will catch up though I am still slow on my feet. Thanks, Madhu 🙂


  16. I’m ok with surreptitious shots. But I’m just not comfortable with making eye contact and shooting. Great images, Paula.


  17. It will come as no surprise Paula that the bicycle photo is my top pick. As extroverted as I am I feel uncomfortable taking photos of people without speaking to them first. Just who I am I suppose. Yours are beautiful.


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    • 🙂 Like me, only I don’t ride a bike 😀 Many people were attracted to “hot lips”, but you picked my favourite photo in the series, so it must be good 😉 Have a great Sunday, Allan!


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