Guest Photo Challenge: Choice



As Paula’s guest blogger this Thursday, I’m challenging you to show us what Choice means to you.

“Choice involves mentally making a decision: judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. One can make a choice between imagined options (“what would I do if …?”) or between real options followed by the corresponding action. If the arrival at a choice includes more complex motivators, cognition, instinct and feeling can become more intertwined.

Simple choices might include what to eat for dinner or what to wear on a Saturday morning – choices that have relatively low-impact on the chooser’s life overall. More complex choices might involve (for example) what candidate to vote for in an election, what profession to pursue, a life partner, etc. – choices based on multiple influences and having larger ramifications.
Most people regard having choices as a good thing. A severely limited or artificially restricted choice can lead to discomfort with choosing, and possibly an unsatisfactory outcome. In contrast, a choice with excessively numerous options may lead to confusion, regret of the alternatives not taken, or indifference.”

For this week’s challenge, I invite you to share some choices with us.


choice of what to have for dinner…



…to have (or not) children


monks2 (1)

 choice of your profession/vocation 



choice of beliefs or ideas (pro seal hunt lobbying)

Click on the links bellow to see participants’ entries:

35 Comments on “Guest Photo Challenge: Choice

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  3. wow… tough one… As a Libra, I always find myself in quite a dilema when it comes to choices… Right now, way too hard for me to pick a picture representing choices. But I’ll gladly browse over the others’ take on the challenge.


  4. I have problems choosing too. But then there are those rare moments when I’ve snapped to it, and made a decision. It’s a very interesting challenge, Klara, and I greatly admire the choices you have presented here. I need to go away in a dark corner and think some more about this 🙂


  5. A wonderful challenge Klara. Love your ‘choice’ of images. Knowing I have choice empowers me in moments where I feel ‘trapped’ in a situation. Sometimes too much choice is more paralyzing than the illusion of ‘no choice’, but what a lucky problem to have.


    • That’s a good point, Lisa. Having to chose makes us reject the other options, and makes us take responsibility for our decisions.


  6. Choice eh! Do I want to think about this? am I strong enough? I’m impressed at the way you’ve managed to express different choices in one photo each. And such varied and peopled photos.


      • Oui, je sais. Mais ces temps-ci, ce peut-être l’âge, la fatigue ou trop de langues, j’ai des problèmes avec les mots qui se ressemblent d’une langue à l’autre. Surtout les doubles consonnes en anglais et en français. Souvent pas pareil dans le même mot. ex. Literally et littéralement. Pas grave. Quand j’ai un doute, je vérifie. Bon week-end


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