Black & White Sunday: Delicate

It is not surprising that the word delicate means dainty as well as fragile, like the plant in my photo. Many intricate and complex things are easily breakable, but you can take the meaning of the word even further and explore something that requires careful handling and approach: tricky dealings, problematic relations(hips), skillful playing, sensitive mechanisms, embarrassing situations…

What do you say? Do you think you can contribute to today’s challenge? As usual leave me the links to your posts. I look forward to seeing them.


delicate plant_finer-1_potpis_scale


(It takes about 10 sec for music to start, but it is worth waiting)




Check out these terrific entries for this challenge:

79 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Delicate

  1. Lovely shot Paula. Accurately executed. And the music is wonderful. Some gentle, slow tunes can be sad, but this one is very peaceful to me. I hope you have a restful Sunday!


    • Thanks Debbie. I had to do some work that I hope does some good, that’s why I wasn’t here. I am glad you like the shot.


  2. Delicate in every way – tonality, and shape, and composition, and droop. I think my world is full of robust at the moment – maybe an odd word for the burgeoning of spring. May your day be peaceful and sunny.


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  5. It’s an interesting subject, Paula, as yours so often are. To be interpreted on many levels. Serene, this morning, as I hope you are too. 🙂 Sending hugs.


  6. Another one of your stunning captures Paula. This is definitely so dainty and fragile and the lovely piano music is perfect for this shot. 😀 ♥


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  16. Paula,
    I almost skipped this challenge because what started out light and delicate became heavy and delicate. Yet that is life is it not? I will not burden you with the details because I know you would try to help carry the burden. I am just glad you let us share with others as you share with us and that is help enough.

    I love the music and your photo is delightful, though I did not see a bird in it 😉 Thanks for sharing and caring Paula! Here is my take on your challenge:



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