Black & White Sunday: Portrait

I hope that today’s theme for Black and White Sunday will not give you a headache. Β You are invited to post a portrait photo (photos for those that can’t do a single image post) of someone or something. You have time till next Saturday. I will start looking at your entries on Monday morning. Have a good day!


jarcic monochrome crop drugi-1_potpis_scaled-np




Please check out the entries for the challenge:


75 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Portrait

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    • I appreciate your comment, Marie. I don’t know who the lovely subject in your photo is, but you did her portrait beautifully. Thank you very much for joining in the challenge.

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    • Thank you, Lynne. Yes, ping-backs are rarely enough, that’s why I always say to leave me the links bellow. Besides, I am not one of those challengers that does not display links to the entries or who avoids to look at the participating posts. And of course if one wants their post seen and commented, the logical thing is to first comment on the challenge post. Also, you should check out your spam folder. Many comments have ended up there lately.

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