Black & White Sunday: Repetition

After an exciting and relaxing summer, autumn usually puts a greater stress and more expectations on us. Shorter days and increasing work load make us forget how to unwind and have fun till  we finally fall into a rut. This is what happened to me some weeks ago, and I am sure to many of you too. 
Hopefully, I will find a way to break this life-draining pattern and come up with a more entertaining story, but until then I invite you to share some patterns and repetitions of your own for this Sunday’s Black and White challenge.


It feels nice to be back here blogging and challenging you again.

If you want to join this challenge,  please:

  •  Make a photo post on today’s theme

  • Link to this post and tag it #Black & White Sunday

  • Leave me a link in the comment section bellow and

  • Make sure you post before 23rd October when a new B&W challenge is on.


Here come the links to participants’ beautiful entries:

48 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Repetition

  1. That is a wonderful pattern Paula. I have an urge to turn it into a piece of cross-stitch embroidery (a hobby I don’t find much time for these days!)

    It’s the shorter days that I find hard as we approach winter, but this post’s music is relaxing me – thank you!

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  2. Glad to see you back Paula- missed you. I try to change things up so as not to fall into that abysmal rut of same thing day in day out, even if it means just taken a different way to get to work! Loved the piano piece. Will look for a photo tomorrow 🙂

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    • That’s a very good and simple idea to follow that can make a difference, taking a different route. I often find myself on the auto mode in many of my daily patterns and for the most of times I have no idea how I came to work. I am so glad all of you guys liked the score in this post. I love it too, though I find it a bit on the sad side. I look forward to your entry, Lisa. Have a good day with lots of rest and some fun time!

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  3. Repetitions are everywhere aren’t they Paula. Fortunately here in Australia it’s spring and our days are slowly getting longer, but there’s still plenty of repetition in life. Happy Sunday to you.

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    • Hi Miriam. I miss Autumn. Recently we did not have any, we just go from Summer to Winter, no foliage, no moderate temperatures. Enjoy your Spring Sunday and thank you for the lovely visit 🙂

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    • Why would I laugh at you, when I were also considering it as a score for this post :D. Grazie mille, Anna. Sei tesoro!


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  8. Hoping you can find a new pattern to break up the routine Paula. I like the suggestion above of a different route to work. Sending hugs to you and hoping for bright and less routine days ahead.


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  11. Your picture appeals to me for two reasons: In spite of the repetitiveness of the squares, the lines are uneven, and there is also that row of tiles that breaks the pattern of squares… Well done, Paula!


    • Thank you very much, Tobias. This photo looks better in colour, but I am running short on my Black &White challenge themes and ideas 🙂


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