This has  been a busy, exhausting month, but a day at the sea made a difference.


Twilight at the sea

Twilight at the sea

©Paula Borkovic



This is my offering for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly challenge Changing Seasons. Hop over there and see if you can contribute with your entries.

A reminder: If you haven’t seen it already, the new Thursday’s Special is on with the theme minimalism. You may post for it by the 28 December. On the 29 we will be doing retrospective for this year. Happy holidays, everybody! 

32 Comments on “CHANGE OF SCENERY

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  2. I can see that this brief break was a massive relaxation at the end of the year. The beautiful image and the music has set me off to a calm morning 🙂


    • I grew up by the sea and I miss it a lot here in Zagreb, though it is still my favourite place in the world. I am so glad when people like music made by Croatian people 😀


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