The theme that I set for today’s photo challenge is PROFILE meaning a side-view, a silhouette, a figure, a contour.

The word was introduced into English language in the mid 17th century from obsolete Italian profilo from profilare, from pro- ‘forth’ + filare ‘to spin’, formerly ‘draw a line’.


snowy owl in profile

©Paula Borkovic

Whether you choose to capture a human,  animal or some other profile I will be happy to look at your entries that you are supposed to post before next Thursday. 

Don’t forget to tag your post  #thursdaysspecial, and to leave a comment under this one.

P.S. Last week Thursday’s Special has yielded some fantastic entries. If you missed some of them, you can find the links here.  


Here are the entries to this challenge. Please, check them out by clicking on the links:


        • Chez moi dans le zoo. Celle-ci est en Italie. Bjs (j’ai pas bouge depuis decembre, seulement pour aller au bureau- trop froid, gele. Et toi, comment vas-tu, B?

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          • Oui, l’hiver là-bas a l’air très froid. des -13 en France! Ici ça va. J’apprends l’art d’être Grand-père. 🙂
            Comment va ton genou? Le froid ne doit pas être bon?


            • Oui, ca derange un peu, et maintenant le bras et parfois l’hanche aussi. Como una viejita ….. Tu as un petit fils ou une petite fille?

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              • Et oui, on commence à avoir mal un peu partout. Moi, c’est le dos. Petit-fils. Il est trop drôle. 8 mois et il rigole tout le temps. 🙂


    • Thank you, Jo. It’s better when I give it enough rest, but work is taking its toll, and my use of computer and gadgets in my free time has to pay the price.


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  3. What an absolute beaut of a shot as the Aussies say.
    I doubt I will be able to even come close to this … but I’ll find something for your challenge.

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