In case you were wondering what I had been up to this March,  the bellow photo sums it up :


Wandering the narrow alleys and book shopping in Venice

In response to  weekly photo challenge: Dense and Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons.



  1. Ha! One of my favourite bookshops 🙂
    You have captured this wonderfully Paula – it wasn’t easy, given the limited space. I feel like I’m back there right now.

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    • There are a few more shots of the place that I am keeping for some other occasion. I did not find any book I wanted there though, but I did in la Toletta 😀


  2. A fabulous book shop/library and the lighting is superb Paula. I would have opened a book on the table with a cup of coffee just to add a people effect.

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    • I am jealously keeping the best shots from this place for me… Will post them some time later this year 😀 Thank you very much, Sue. It is a sensational place.

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