This is a week of easy, straightforward challenges; at least I like to think that they are. You are supposed to post a photo (or more)  of steps/stairs before next Sunday. Wishing you all a great week ahead!

take me, take me, home, home

©Paula Borkovic

This is Black & White Sunday photo challenge. If you want to participate you are supposed to:

  • Make a photo post on today’s theme 

  • Link to this challenge post

  • Leave me your link in the comment section bellow

  • Make sure you post before next Sunday 


Happy Easter to those that celebrate!


I’m very glad to link to these beautiful entries to the challenge. Click on the links that follow:


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  13. Hi Paula,
    Hope you enjoy my choices for the challenge. I photographed this staircase on the Royal Princess Cruise ship. It was elegant
    and sparkling with all of its glass. It was quite odd to look down through the glass as you climbed it.
    I enjoyed your photograph very much. It’s hypnotic. View it too long and you get vertigo. Two things in one photo. LOL
    Have a great week …

    ps – is there an area on wordpress where a video can be shown like you do?
    I enjoyed listening to your music. Who are they? I have never heard them. : )

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    • Hello Isadora, regarding video I am not sure what you are referring to. Are you talking about mp3 that I enclose in my posts or videos? This track is Daughter – Home.

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  15. When my old FTN was the main (only) camera Tri-X was the only film I used and enjoyed the challenge of B&W. My favorite filter was Orange, it gave a dramatic look to most skys. But since I went digital I hardly think of monochrome, I might just set the D-7000 for B&W for a “roll of film” or two.
    I had to go back into the archives for these= (all digital).

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