You must have in your archives a photo that you consider imperfect, but you love it anyway, or the photo maybe perfect, but the subject is not? Whichever the case, how do you feel about sharing some imperfection for this challenge?

©Paula Borkovic


What you need to do to join:

  • make a photo post on today’s theme before next Sunday

  • link it to this challenge post and tag it   #blackandwhitesunday

  • leave a comment under this post 

Please check out these fabulous entries to the challenge:


  1. What a fascinating theme Paula! I am going to have to think about this one! But like Arkenaten I did think perhaps a selfie.
    I love this shot but i keep wanting to remove that stray hair by rubbing the screen.


    • yes, that’s the imperfection I was talking about and left it on purpose. I chose the theme cause everyone has imperfect photos in their archives. Speaking of imperfect, did you manage to get a response/solution about image galleries?


      • No, I have to admit I haven’t raised it yet. I was doing a bit of research. I think it might be something to do with the size of the image. In Facebook there are certain sizes of image that survive compression better than others and by pure chance the size I compress to is a good one. I’m wondering if images of larger file size suffer in the galleries. I’ll let you know what else I fond out and I’ll raise it when i have that data


        • I don’t use fb so I can’t comment on that, but it affects your images on WP, and I’m afraid it’s not the issue of sizes. I’ve tried before.



  3. Oh, it’s über cute, imperfections or not! I’ll have to think about this one, as I bin most of my imperfects!

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  4. I like this challenge, I’ll definitely take part, but I still like more this little cutie in the photo 😉 Thanks for sharing, Paula, and have a nice Sunday!!!

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  5. I daren’t look! I’ll have bushels of them 🙂 🙂 And I’m not nearly so observant as Debbie. I can live with this kind of imperfection. Happy Sunday, Paula!

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  8. Well this looks far from imperfect to me Paula, a great shot of a cheeky monkey 🙂 I shall see what imperfections I can dig up for you.

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  14. Until Debbie pointed it out, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the image. It looks great in black and white, nice contrast, good composition, such a cute fellow … but once seen, can’t stop looking at it. Very interesting challenge, Paula.

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    • Hehehe, I know. I was thinking if I can have an occasional unruly eyebrow, why can’t he 😆 Thank you kindly, Lynne. It will be interesting to see your entry if you decide to participate.


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    • Many thanks, Draco. It feels great to look a monkey in the eye :D. I was hoping for a different reaction from bloggers – I thought that this theme might encourage others to share their imperfections and that it would be educational for all of us, but people are still timid to show their own faults. 😆


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