After a month’s break I decided to challenge you again with things from the past.

What Traces of the Past have you found near you or on some of your travels? Are they remains of the things once built and now in despair, the remains of natural occurrences or from your personal past? Whether they provoke admiration or make you nostalgic or even horrified, here’s an opportunity to showcase them for this photo challenge.

In the valley of the river Mincio in Lombardy there is a scenic little village by the name of Borghetto sul Mincio. If it weren’t for flocks of tourists coming to the place, I would call it one of the most idyllicΒ and authentic villages in Northern Italy.


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  1. Good to see you Paula! I just love the music, beautiful to hear with my first morning coffee. I will post later today, it has been a week of orientation in my new school- a bit overwhelming! Hope you are well

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    • There are plenty of these little villages spread all over Lombardy….Luckily , some of them haven’t been “discovered ” by tourism , yet…..
      I’ve visited Borghetto sul Mincio and totally agree with you on its being so idyllic!


  2. I am so glad to find you here again, Paula! Hope you are doing well, and I will of course go diggin’


  3. Oooh. You’ve caught me on the hop, being here today, Paula. How lovely. And only yesterday did I come upon some good traces of the past. Yippee!
    Your choice does indeed look idyllic. It is a shame though when humanity does too much flocking in a place not quite large enough to contain them.


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  7. Thank you for hosting this lovely prompt Paula, what a beautiful capture of this old village. It is a shame when some of these special places get overrun with tourists. We have similar situations here in old villages where the infrastructure is just about enough for the local people, but not for the mass tourists that suddenly appear when their bridge has appeared in a Harry Potter film. My contribution for this week is here:


  8. I find this photograph strikingly beautiful. I experience a wonderful sense of calm from the muted colors and reflections.
    The water flowing so smoothly off to the right toward some unknown place from which my gaze circles back to the stone structure on the left and back to rest on the houses, the sky, the reflections… such a peaceful journey. Thank you πŸ™


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  10. So instead of pictures of old things, this time you are going to get a little memoir of how things have never gone the way they were supposed to go, but it’s okay anyway. Just as well. I’m really out of old things, other than me and Garry.

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  11. What can we do to chase the tourists, Paula? Then you and I could sit on that terrace overhanging the water and listen to the music. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It’s such an appealing shot.


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