Put on the spot

… and after the last linked post and several nominations later I just stopped writing on the subject, but kept thanking bloggers.. Now, after the yesterday’s nomination I stopped thanking and decided to add the “Awards” page in the hope that it will make things clear. Please, let me know if I have made myself clear?

My best to all of you nominees and nominators 🙂

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  1. The “problem” if you want to call being nominated for an award a problem, is that a new follower likely didn’t read the original post. Who goes digging that far back anyway 🙂 Hopefully this will help, because I tend to feel the same way about awards. Read my blog, leave a comment, that’s good enough.


    • The problem is that I expected a potential “nominator” TO READ the blog in which case he or she would not dream of extending any awards my way, but THEY DO NOT, which makes me pretty peeved and makes the absurdity of such awards even more evident – grrrr


    • Thank you Jo, and thank you for taking notice of my views on that …… I would give your blog a more thorough attention, but I am just too busy this month and not with festivities actually. Thank you again. Take care!


  2. Paula,honesty leads to the truth.You made yourself very clear you have my vote.Wishing you delightful season of joy.Jalal Michael.I hope you keep in touch


  3. Hello Paula, I’m sorry but I just added you in my nominations blogger’s award. I just found that you don’t like it. But I do Love’d your blog promise.:) I’m sorry again and this is clear to me.

    Have agood one,


  4. I’m right with ya on the awards thing, paula. i’m always honored, but i do this for the fun of it, and for the happiness it brings to people. I don’t need no stinkin’ awards!!!


  5. I’m with you and I understand and can relate with most of the comments I’ve read here and on your previous posts about awards. I had never thought them through all the way through, it seems. It just felt nice to know other people appreciated my blog enough to feel it deserved any recognition. Maybe I needed to feel recognized by the blogging community as I mainly wrote for friends and family and realized they didn’t really read any of it all. I had doubts about writing and showing my humble and meager pictures. And the awards helped giving it direction. besides, it also helped me discover other awesome blogs (when I have time to check them out) but it’s true that this chain-letter-likeness and the “nominate 15 blogs”-rule is very disturbing sometimes.

    We don’t spend the whole day on our computer reading thousands of blog posts; as you very well put it many times, it’s not enough to follow a blog, if you don’t chip in sometimes, hand out a nice comment or some constructive critics.

    I’ve received many awards and mostly have been happy to be able to share around the blogs I REALLY enjoy following and read regularly. But there are other ways to make your readers discover blogs you like, by adding links to their blogs, by making a reference to them in your posts (if it’s relevant), etc.

    Good and Bad. I’m still in between and don’t know exactly what I’ll do if I’m nominated again.
    Thanks for making us think and exchange here. you might be the Oprah of the blogosphere! 😉


    • Oh Julie you have made me belly laugh 🙂 I have a great respect for Oprah 😆 and she is Aquarius like me too :D. Bless you! I will rethink this blogging business cause it would be a shame to lose touch with many nice and inspiring people and deny oneself opportunity to express creatively. I think we should find ways to enhance more quality networking without collecting superficial “votes” and many times insincere likes. However, I promised myself not to spread any more pessimistic views at the end of this year – and living in Croatia has to stop being excuse for frustrating thinking. I wanted to tell you about your blog – you are inspiring traveler- not that I can ever aspire to travel as much or to see and do as much as you, but you show most of us things we will never do, and you do that with high quality content in images and words – not to mention the only man-made (not translating tool made) trilingual blog ever!!! Now, that I have recalled all of these qualities in your blog I am determined to showcase it some time in the course of the following year 🙂 Merci de m’avoir fait rire. Bisous

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      • I’m glad I made you laugh! It’s awesome to be able to do so while being so far away! 🙂

        I didn’t mean to say YOU should rethink your views upon the awards, I completely understand your view and actually realize that I hadn’t given it that much thought. I think the awards started with very good intentions; the listing of other blogs might be the one thing that made it less attractive to most (since A LOT of bloggers prefer being award-free nowadays) although they still want to discover and share the beauty they find on other blogs.

        there surely is ANOTHER way to share the beauty!

        Your views are FAR from being pessimistic ever, you’re just very down-to-earth and go straight to the point where other people wouldn’t (as Jeff said too in another comment sections) and that’s why WE LOVE READING YOU! Is Croatia so difficult to live a place that you feel frustrated with your thinking?! I have such a romantic idea of Croatia! :-O

        Thank you SO MUCH for your compliments on my blog; I wasn’t looking for them and wasn’t expecting so much right now, your words mean the world to me!



        • 🙂 Croatia is in deep $it now, but I think it is still nice to visit 😀 Anyway, I still dare to hope that something will change for the better. I am not giving up yet – have planned Venice for a weekend in February – I am not even scared of possible aqua alta, and today I bought plane tickets for Lisbon in May 😀 If we are going down (economically) let it be with style. I will visit you on Friday then to see your WPC entry. (I really loved Aix-en-Provence.. so many years later and I still tell my family stories about how nicely the bread smelled from bakeries in the morning and how tidy and clean the town was)

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          • Great trips in store! Good on you! Travelling is good for body and mind health! Enjoy it!

            (the smell and taste of freshly-baked bread, with a piece of real cheese and a glass of wine are what I miss most when I’m abroad so I’m happy to be back in Aix – and France – for a while! I can understand how it still fills your mind up with great memories)


            • J’etais dans un petit appartement tout pres du cour Mirabeau 😀 Des fontantes et platanes (parler avec toi ce soir m’a rafraichi mes souvenirs) Merci Julie 🙂

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