Thursday’s Special History – 2014

This page is a summary of the event called Thursday’s Special Photo (Non)Challenge that turned into a challenge in 2015, the details of which you can find here. On the menu bar above there is also Thursday’s Special category where you can see all the individual posts posted for TS (Thursday’s Special) event. This page will showcase my previous entries from 2014 and 2015, and further on listed as a separate project on this same “page” you’ll find displayed TS participant’s entries per years. Please see Scheduled Challenges page for information about the forthcoming and past events (challenges that occur on Thursdays ~Thursday’s Special Photo Challenge ~, and on Sundays ~ Black and White Sunday ~ monochrome photo challenge) which also includes a sub-page with guest photo challenges posts and where you can leave your suggestions or volunteer for hosting a guest challenge.


Thursday’s Special: October, November 2014

Thursday’s Special: July, August, September 2014


Thursday’s Special: April, May, June 2014


Thursday’s Special: January, February, March 2014


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