If you think that you have seen this image before, you are right. I have posted it once for “After and Before” challenge. This time I would like to show a variation of the same scene. In the first photo I placed a tripod on a small bridge facing the rocks to be able to do a long exposure. There wasn’t much room to maneuver especially with passing visitors.

In the second one however, I placed the camera on the fence of the bridge which allowed me to frame my shot better. This is the frame that I prefer. I did not stop there I edited it a bit differently too, by giving it a fresher look. I hope that this time people will be actually able to see the faces on the rocks šŸ˜€


jupiter najnajnoviji


Take your time posting for this challenge. I will look at the entries early next week.Ā 

P.S. I posted two different frames of the same scene here to show the difference and to show how sometimes a compromise of using a fence or other stable surface can come handy instead of a tripod that requires some room. It was not by any means an invitation to criticize my photos. I know that people that do it are not photo experts, but this is my blog, I keep it as a source of relaxation for myself and not for others to annoy me.