Guest Photo Challenge: Calligraphy by Meg Davis

Meg Davis_1



When viewing calligraphy, I have seen the wonder of a drop of dew glistening from a dangling needle, a shower of rock hailing down in a raging thunder, a flock of geese gliding in the sky, frantic beasts stampeding in terror, a phoenix dancing, a startled snake slithering away in fright.

I take on Paula’s request to be guest blogger feeling very honoured.

What theme to settle on? I mind map manically. I scrap ideas. I prioritise.

What I keep coming back to is calligraphy. I think of precision, delicacy, flow. I think of communicating beautifully, of Chinese artists combining calligraphy and paintings, of the elegance of Arabic script. I also think of the calligraphy of nature – the arrangements made by the sea on the beach, the tracks of moth larvae on scribbly gums, the fossilized ripples on a rock face, the leaf skeletons where the veins only are left, tracks in the sand of dog and beach creature, the shadow of ferns on rock. All mark-making with meaning and beauty.

Sun Guoting, in the quotation that begins this post, saw nature in calligraphy. I have seen calligraphy in nature. The challenge for you this week is to represent calligraphy in any way you like. I’m eagerly anticipating your marks on the screen.