Black & White Sunday: Composition

For today’s theme – composition – you may decide to show photos where you paid special attention to this important element in photography, where you either respected the conventional rules in photography (such as the rule of thirds) or you chose to broke them to make the image more interesting, or you may take an entirely different approach in your interpretation. The focus does not need to be on the layout of elements that make a photo; you can simply show us a photo of a composition, and that can be just about anything. Remember to make it black and white. 


fiera di primiero_monochrome-1_potpis



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If you haven’t checked out the last Sunday’s post, please do. I have enclosed links to participants’ entries, and I must say that there are some wonderful contributions.

The next challenge on this blog is this coming Thursday (see the theme). 


Please, check out these beautiful entries for the challenge: