Guest Challenge: My Workstation


The Jagged Man

I want to thank Paula for hosting Black & White Sunday and for letting me guest host this weeks. When she asked me to do so, she asked what I would propose as a subject and I said photos from my workstation or as I call it the Lab. Some would also call it their desk or home office. As one who suffers in the Winter months with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D., I like a lot of color in my workspace. I thought it would be interesting to capture images within that same space in B & W. For this challenge please do not limit yourselves to just your home office. You can take the shot(s) at your place of employment, a park bench, your front porch,a local cafe/pub or where ever you get creative and work from. All the subjects below have a lot of color to them but I tried to look at them differently, to bring a story to them where color is not needed. Challenge yourselves to look for things that normally you would not think could tell a story or have visual impact and have fun discovering that they can.


DSC02105 copy copy




DSC02033 copy


DSC02100 copy


DSC02115 copy1




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