Beautiful Austria: Sankt Wolfgang

Those who visit my blog regularly have noticed that Monday is my virtual travel day. This time I want to show you a small town in Austria known as Sankt Wolfgang in Salzkammergut region. The photos were taken some years back at the time when I still hadn’t discovered my passion for photography.


Seduced by Italy

With winter coming and not many days of holiday left I will have to put off all my travels till next year. In the meantime I can either make some long-term travel plans or remember my past trips.

Here is a selection of snapshots from the most picturesque little lake in northern Italy. It is called Orta and it is situated at about 88 km from Milan. A few summers ago I spent a week there in a beautiful villa overlooking lush gardens and a quaint islet of San Giulio.



Something keeps calling me to Italian lakes over and over again, and it shall be one of my goals for this summer. Hopeful to discover more places like Orta San Giulio I am enclosing a photo I took two summers ago.


isola san giulio -4

Thank you Jake for making us think of our goals or in my case dreams ;). I’ve just realised this is my 100th post 🙂 I hope it is milestone-worthy.

SUNDAY POST: Wonderful

If you look up the definition of wonderful you’ll see that it means inspiring delight, pleasure, admiration, astonishment, or marvel. I felt all that an early October morning when I took a path around a gorgeous mountain lake and saw the morning mist lifting slowly to reveal one of the most beautiful lakescapes.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday…

SUNDAY POST: Reflection

This is the place where I come to reflect, to meditate…my oasis in the mountains, the emerald lake with the most beautiful reflections in the Alpine region of Italy, Lago di Braies.

Join me for a walk around the lake, and listen to the selected tune  



I have been waiting for the right moment to post photos of my new favourite lake, which is Lago di Landro in the Dolomites. This Sunday Post theme is “Splendid” [Latin splendidus, from splendēre, to shine.], as in splendor of the mountains reaching high above the Alpine lake, glistening in the sun, magnificent and imposing, asking to be visited and explored …  place to get lost in, and find oneself…




The road taken ….. is not always the most traveled one …..

I would like you to listen to this soundtrack while looking at the photo below 02-nick_cave_and_warren_ellis_-_the_road-atrium  

Hope for the Hopeless

I am not into photo post-processing, enhancing or doing miracles with photos in Photoshop – for the moment I am only trying to mend a bit what went wrong in the photo writing process – that is what raw shots are for, right? One of the reasons is because I still don’t know what I am doing when I open Lightroom or Aftershot (Bibble). I am not here to talk technical stuff about editing photos – there are far more qualified individuals to talk about it than me, nor am I a creator of a photolog, trying to place their work to others or will ever be (not that there is anything wrong with that). I am just using images as I see them and feel them in order to express what I think/mean.

If my perception is blue (bluish – not meaning that I am blue) then so be it. This photo means hope to me, even if I am hopeless at editing it :D.

This is not a self-pity talking, nor am I fishing for extorted compliments…. I just wanted (had to) share what I thought. Later on I will make you look at moderate editing of similar shots of the same beautiful lake… just bear with me if you will ;).

Click on the following link to hear the music 13 – Hope For The Hopeless