Pants on Fire


I want you to stop for a second and think about something. Can you answer honestly my question: how many bloggers do you really follow? How many of them do you actually comment on? Does the number of let’s say 634 followers reflect the actual state of things? Does this mean that 634 followers are pending of your blog, that they are reading it, looking at the photos and commenting? Of course not, it is all a big sham. I would be happy to have a reasonable number of sincere followers of about 20 (I do hope I have), that are not here just to click and praise in the hope they will be praised themselves, or even worse,which is mostly the case to click the follow button just to be extended the same attention. 😀

Come on people, be honest and answer this question to me or at least to yourself.

I’m fed up with insincere followers, likers and such, and have decided only to follow the authentic bloggers and the ones whose work I admire. This mean that the community I follow will be reduced to the number of twenty and something contrary to the fake number of my followers that is currently 634.

When I started my blog (without any pretentions whatsoever except to attract genuine crowd – and that is the hardest part as in life itself – finding genuine people) I have never thought that there would be so many false pretenders, followers and attention seekers.

It makes one rethink this whole blogging business. I would like all the liars now to unclick the crazy follow button cause they are not getting any attention or visits from me. Sincerely, Paula

P.S. an update on August 23 – I had to smile when I saw the Daily Prompt title just two days after publishing this post, so naturally, I had to include the link