Photo challenges currently in course : 

Thursday’s Special on 19 July with the theme: SLOW. Exceptionally, the deadline is 9 August.  

Incoming challenges: 

The next challenge on this blog will be on 10 August with the theme: Pick a Word.



Past challenges 

Thursday’s Special on 15 June with the theme: S-Curve

Black & White Sunday on 18 June with the theme: HEADSHOT

Thursday’s Special on 8 June  with the theme: PORTRAIT VS. LANDSCAPE 

Black & White Sunday on 11 June with the theme: TRACES OF THE PAST

 Thursday’s Special on 1 June with the theme: PICK A WORD 

Black & White Sunday on 4 June with the theme: WINDOWS

Thursday’s Special on 25 May with the theme: FEMALE 

Black & White Sunday on 4 June with the theme: AFTER AND BEFORE 

 Thursday’s Special on 18 May with the theme: TRACES OF THE PAST 

Black & White Sunday on 21 May with the theme: MUSIC

 Thursday’s Special on 12 May with the theme: VERNAL  – deadline on 17 May

Black & White Sunday on  14 May with the theme: MATERNAL  – deadline on 13 May

Thursday’s Special on 4 May with the theme: Pick a Word – deadline on 10 May

Black & White Sunday on 7 May with the theme: IMPERFECT – deadline on 13 May

Thursday’s Special on 27 April: Section 

 Black & White Sunday on 23 April with the theme: AFTER  & BEFORE – deadline on 30 April

Thursday’s Special on 20 April with the theme: Juxtaposition 

Black & White Sunday on 16 April with the theme: STEPS & STAIRS

Thursday’s Special on 13 April with the theme: Waiting

Black & White Sunday on 9 April with the theme: TRACES OF THE PAST

Thursday’s Special on 6th April with the theme: Pick a Word 

Black & White Sunday on 2 April with the theme: THROUGH 

Thursday’s Special on 3o March with the theme: Illusion

Black & White Sunday on 26 March  with the theme: AFTER AND BEFORE

Thursday’s Special on 23 March with the theme: Winding

 Black & White Sunday on 5 March with the theme: COUNTRYSIDE

Thursday’s Special on 2 March with the theme: Pick a Word (commanding, coarse, gibbous, incremental, indelible )

Black & White Sunday on 26 February with the theme: AFTER AND BEFORE, deadline is by 4 March.

Thursday’s Special on 23 February with the theme FOCUS

Black & White Sunday on 19 February with the theme: TRACES OF THE PAST.  

Thursday’s Special on 16 February with the theme RED & BLACK

Black & White Sunday on 12 February with the theme: DARKNESS AND LIGHT.

Thursday’s Special on 9 February with the theme PROFILE. 

Black & White Sunday with the theme: AFTER AND BEFORE

 Black & White Sunday with the theme: ON TOP. 

Thursday’s Special  with the theme: TRACES OF THE PAST. 

Black & White Sunday with the theme Passage  on 14 January. 

Thursday’s Special with the theme Unfocused on 12 January. 

Thursday’s Special with the theme: Pick a Word on 5 January.


80 Comments on “UPDATES

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  6. I just found this challenge and I love it! How do I get involved?


    • Hello C, I’m on a break, challenges will be resumed next Thursday. The theme will be “abstract”. You may post a photo of something abstract link to my Thursday’s Special post and leave me a link. When I come back next week I’ll tell you about hosting guest photo challenges. There is a subpage here where you can check out some of guest challenges posts. They can be in colour (on Thursdays) or in B&W (on.Sundays). Thank you for your interest. I’ll check out your blog when I come back.


      • Thank you!
        New to blog world and all up for trying new things.
        I’ll keep a look out for abstracts 🙂


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  9. hi
    i have been following you. but not sure how to take the challenge
    i have last sundays challenge, but do i post them to your site or send you a link?
    and what tags should i put?
    sorry I’m new to this. lol and trying to navigate and figure out what to do.
    thank you


    • Hello Jeff 🙂 you are supposed to send me your link, just the way you did. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more doubts 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • ok.. lol i wasn’t sure. but i noticed what others did after i sent a comment.. thank you.. my photo challenges have to be on my iPhone… wish i had a camera like some.. but alas.. .. have a great day


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    • Dear Marsha, I had to postpone some challenges for February, and this happened with “surreptitious photography” too which is now scheduled for 14th February. Thank you so much for your early submission. I love your approach to the theme, and I will link to your post with an image preview on 14th February when the challenge is officially on. Thanks again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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