Regular visitors to my blog know that once a month on a Sunday I post a combined photo challenge theme for Black&White Sunday. It is called AFTER and BEFORE and it invites you to post the same  image both in black and white and in colour. The topic and subject are entirely arbitrary. The only condition is that you post an image captured in colour and that you turn it monochrome in post processing. I enjoy this little exercise which permits me to see the same scene through colour and without it, and I hope that you will enjoy doing the same.

arsie_viseci most_c_b_potpis_scale

arsie_viseci most_druga_potpis_scale


©Paula Borkovic

As of today my Black&White Sunday is turning into a fortnight event which means that I will be challenging you in monochrome photography every other Sunday. One Black and White Sunday per month will have a permanent theme: After and Before and the other Sunday will be theme something different every month.

I hope you will still going to participate enthusiastically despite of these changes :).


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