Finestrella sul canale

frame bologna-1_potpis


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“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” – Jung




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Photography 101: Landmark

Not a typical view, and hardly a view that anybody outside the town would recognize; I give you the tallest tower of the Italian Medieval “Manhattan”.



Già sembra lontano che sono stata a Bologna....

Già sembra lontano che sono stata a Bologna….

This is my entry for today’s #photo101 project.

Music and lights of Bologna

This is a sequel of my last Thursday’s Special. I promised Jo several photos from my night walk in Bologna this month. Boy, did I like that town!! Not only is it the food capital of Italy, but it is also a centre of art and culture, with the oldest university in the Western World, hence the three nicknames for the town: la grassa (the fat one – for its cuisine), la dotta (the learned one – for its culture), and la rossa (the red one – for the colour of its buildings).

I liked Bologna in the daylight too, but that first night was kind of magical. The fact that Robot07 Music Festival had just started made it even more special. If you don’t like the attached music, don’t blame me – that’s what they played there that night.


Here is what I saw and captured on the streets of Bologna. You can see again the Church of San Petronio on Piazza Maggiore.


The Palace in the bellow picture is called Palazzo d’Accursio and it used to be a Town Hall until 2011.

palazzo d'accursio

I liked the view of Neptune from behind…


But I took out the tripod to shoot it properly upfront – the following snap is hubby’s

bologna_me at work-0251

Tripod is not a useless device at all. Here is what I captured:

nettuno_front bologna

Now I handed the tripod back to hubby and started snapping hand-held again….

piazza nettuno bologna

And the last one is with the famous arches of Bologna. They say that you don’t have to get wet in the town at all – most of the streets are covered with arches which comes handy on scorching hot days or in the rain.

vaults in bologna

 Today our restless hostess Jo is taking us to Easby Abbey. There are no spoilers here, you’ll have to go to her place and read it for yourself. 😉


Thursday’s Special: Of the night

This night scene is the first photo I took on my trip to Italy this month. The historic centre of Bologna was welcoming and the rain did not spoil the excitement of discovering a new location. Freshly bathed streets were glistening, and the light coming from the old towers gave the whole square a golden reflection.


san petronio_bologna

The church in the photo is San Petronio. I loved the way it looked on that rainy night, so I visited it the following morning, but could not take any inside photos (and not for the lack of trying!!).

If  you are curious to see more pictures from my walk in Bologna, make sure to come back next week 😉

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