Monday Walk in the Botanical Garden

Today I am taking you to the botanical garden in my town, Zagreb. On rare dry weekends I often go there as it is my oasis in the centre of the town and there I can admire all types of exotic blooms especially the sorts of water lilies that can’t be found anywhere near in the area.



The botanical garden is situated in the very centre of the town, at about 7 minutes walk from the main square. The building in the background with cute owl figures on the roof belongs to the State Archives. Some years back it hosted the National Library and was the most inspiring place for studying when I was a student. The light in this photo came out wrong, but I want to show you a wide angle of the garden regardless.


botanicki vrt

The moment I step on the grounds of the botanical garden I head to the water lily section. Naturally, it is the part that is attracting most visitors.


lily closed


Some lilies are still closed and others decided it was time to open their petals.

lily opened


Familiar sounds are coming from a pond. I have to crouch to see who is calling me. Here it is: the first baby frog I have ever seen. It can’t be bigger than 2 cm (smaller than an inch).

mala zaba


Another gorgeous water lily catches my eye.

lily pad_natural


There is a fountain that you can admire from a bench. Less then perfect composition shows how relaxed I am.


I might stroll through more shadowed parts of the park (I’ll show them some other time), but I just  want to sit here and enjoy the buzz of bees and soft sprinkling of fountains. After all, you won’t find prettier blooms than those lilies.

It is dinner time for some…

busy bee

and the bell announces it is time to go home. Shame, as  I would happily camp here for another hour.




I hope that our hostess Jo will enjoy this walk. I know she can’t resist pretty blooms and water element. Hop over to her place to see where she is taking us this Monday.




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