Life does not consist of big moments, but of simple everyday stuff. Here is one of the things that helps me get through the day 😉

Here is to finding oblivion in simple pleasures… Here is to the year to come 🙂

Join me for a drink and toast to the new year!

Click for a tune while you are here … 


This is my response to CBBH photo challenge. This month I would like to introduce you to two lady bloggers who have travelled a lot, and have a lot to share and show. Please have a look at Amy’s  and AD’s blogs.

Happy New Year everyone!

CBBH Photo Challenge: REPETITION

Repetition, replication, reproduction, or in this case reappearance of the same subject throughout the picture.

I’m giving you something round, used, dirty and rolling, heaped up in the backyard of a local tyre repair shop.

Have a stroll with me to a less posh part of my neighbourhood while listening to John Lennon’s “Watching the wheels”.  

This post is a response to Marianne’s  CBBH photo challenge: repetition.

This month I would like to introduce to you two special bloggers that I will never nominate for Inspiring Blogger Award (more attentive readers of my blog are familiar with my views on nominations/awards), but who are nevertheless a constant source of inspiration to me: Bashar from 2 rivers photos , and Marion from Figments of a DuTchess  .

Bashar’s way of making the most mundane subjects look glamorous never ceases to surprise me, and Marion with her love of words, and quest for beauty makes my WordPress experience so much more enjoyable.

Check them out. I’m sure you’ll find them inspiring too.

CBBH Photo Challenge: Looking Up (11th edition)

There is a lady blogger on WP that did something not that unusual for the English; she packed her bags and moved to Spain to catch some sun and teach English. While there she learned the Spanish ways, but never left her English customs behind ;). She still shouts “white rabbits” for good luck on the first day of each month, only now she calls them “conejos blancos”. Conejo Blanco Blog Hop is the name of the new photo challenge that Marianne (the lady in question) came up with. This time it is a monthly photo challenge, and therefore the one I am most likely to carry through. Here is a link to her blog for anyone interested to find out more.

The first  CBBH theme is: LOOKING UP…You can look up to find someone or something, you can admire someone, you can raise your eyes, tilt your head and get lost in your thoughts (while looking up), you can learn how to look UP and NOT DOWN … You can look up at the sky, see a falling meteor, and make a wish upon it, and things just may start to look up for you 🙂

Don’t forget to look up! You never know what you may see. I did, and it tickled my imagination…

Look at the photo while listening to Moby’s 02 – In This World  (…so many times I’m down, down, down with the ground)

*The propositions of the challenge say that we should provide a link to two bloggers we commented on every time we respond to CBBH challenge, and this month I will mention  Jeff, a brilliant photographer that I look up to who makes magic with his camera, and a Greek girl named Ioanna who I look forward to reading and visiting every chance I get.

I hope you will enjoy my “discoveries”. Happy blogging everyone!

New edition: after one glass of wine this modification seemed like a good idea; now it almost makes me puke….  Three glasses of wine later, I decided to make it black and white.. and the mushroom got a form of a silver coin.. to be honest in both pictures they look like money… There, some of you will finally get into their heads that some of my pictures are crap 😀

And now the one that should have been enough – editing can make you do strange things; it is important to know when to stop….


And less invasive B&W conversion but nevertheless a complete disappointment 😀