Thursday’s Special: Choice (Response to Guest Challenge)


Choices we make don’t always take us on a straight path. – P.B.


glowing lines_cetvrta-1_potpis


Today’s challenge comes from a talented and versatile photo enthusiast Klara Bach. In her guest post and through her thoughtfully captured travel photos Klara has shown us a few life-changing choices.

In my response to this challenge, I decided to go with an allegoric interpretation of “choices” summed up in a single photo. Whichever way you decide to go, with a single photo or several, I’ll be happy to link to your posts and showcase your work on this page.  Don’t forget to read Klara’s guest post, and please join us with some choices of your own.

P.S. See the scheduled challenges page for the list of upcoming attractions. 

The enclosed Italian song translates as “I choose me”. Give it a listen, if you have a minute or two. Happy Thursday!





Let’s see the choices that others had to make:

Pick your Prince




The road taken ….. is not always the most traveled one …..

I would like you to listen to this soundtrack while looking at the photo below 02-nick_cave_and_warren_ellis_-_the_road-atrium