The Ugly Truth

It’s time to share my ugly secret…

The accident happened weeks ago. I am not sure how, but he stumbled and took a blow to his head. Still, he seemed fine and life went on as usual. There were no complaints and no signs of change.

A couple of weeks later I woke up to a disturbing sight: two of his limbs shrivelled, and his torso a shade of brown. Something was telling me he was on a path of no return.

Another week went by and two more limbs stared at me crippled and rotten.

Finally, the day came when his once sound and shiny head got covered in mildew, his once vibrant limbs were formed in an unidentifiable mess and spikes charred beyond recognition.

After all the love and care that I have given him, I whispered to myself, this is the thanks I get.

I know that I probably should have kept this one for myself…





This post is my response to the Daily Prompt: Locked and Sealed.





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Details make a difference

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. 
Ernest Hemingway  

cvijet rozi

Prompted by the Daily Prompt: Details.

From work to an early grave!

I’ve just heard on the news that we are the oldest nation in Europe and that we will have to work till the age of 67 cause we will have no young work force to pay for our pensions :S They also told us that we were now paying high dues because in earlier decades our retirees used to retire in their 50s or even 40s!!!!!! In the meantime less babies are made and these are the consequences we’ll have to face.

I have a desk job and I am not planning on having dimentia or getting senile that early, but what will happen to people that work on roofs, that have physically dangerous and demanding jobs?!

Anyway, I remember some of my younger co-workers being scared of an older woman in our company that was 64 and still working. One day he stopped me in the corridor to ask me: “When is that scary granny of yours going to retire?” (btw she retired during the last lay offs). What was so scary about her I wondered? The fact that she did not dye her hair, or that she wore an evil grin on her face!? If that is what makes one scary then I can work on aging gracefully, I thought.. till I clicked the silly “see what you will look like in 20 to 30 years” web site to have a preview of my future. The result can’t be true, but here it is!!! 

Go on, have a laugh at my expense! 😀


And now the appropriate music:


If you want to hear the original (Croatian) version of this beautiful song that was “borrowed” by Bosnian-Serbian composer Goran Bregović and is sung in Polish (for reasons unknown to me) in the above link, please check out the video:

The lyrics: Rožica sem bila,
rožica već ne bum,
ko mi leto mine,
cvela više ne bum. (I was a rose, and rose I will not be, with the passing time, I will no longer blossom – my attempt at translation)

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