SOLID means: Stable, sturdy, firm, established, strong, durable, rigid, substantial,  powerful, loud, heavy, splitting, honest, faithful, straightforward, loyal, conscientious, devoted, constant, reliable, dependable, competent, promising, clever, compact, dense, thick, thick-set, concentrated, sterling,neat, pure, stark, constant, steady and united.

I really like this theme. Thank you for the inspiration Jake.

What does solid mean to me? Something/someone you can rely on, depend on, of a giving nature, firm, stable, selfless, a nurturer, as in my post …the cow… that has been around humans serving them for more than 8,000 years.

I shot this hot little number while it was grazing happily on the shores of Formarin Lake in Austrian Alps 🙂

Give it a click to listen to Mike Oldfield’s Concerto  06 – Concerto In C