Black & White Sunday: Light


While I was listening to a recording of Keith Jarrett’s Bridge of Light for Viola and Orchestra, a beautiful contemporary classic 17 minutes piece, I felt like the only audience in a private concerto.

The image surfaced in my mind of a small, beautifully lit bridge as the tones of the masterfully played viola took me back to the summer I first visited Vicenza.


bridge of light_b&w_small-1

Note on etymology: 
The etymology of the word concerto “is uncertain, but it seems to have originated from the conjunction of the two Latin words conserere (meaning to tie, to join, to weave) and certamen (competition, fight): the idea is that the two parts in a concerto, the soloist and the orchestra or concert band, alternate episodes of opposition, cooperation, and independence in the creation of the music flow.” (source Wikipedia)

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Thursday’s Special: Warmth – Photo 101


Il tuo amore brilla nel mio cuore

(Ennio Morricone / Dulce Pontes)



This month I am combining my Thursday’s Special event with the #photo101 assignment for that day. I will be happy, if you join me. Remember, for my event you can come up with your own special theme. Happy Thursday!




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WPC: Let There Be Light



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Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND

If you look beyond, you will see unimaginable beauty.