To whom it may concern

I have thought long and hard about the subject of the poll in my post from yesterday where I asked your opinion about little images of contributing posts from other bloggers that I display in my challenge posts.

You voted, according to the poll, 10 votes in favour of seeing little images, 3 are fine either way – whether they are posted as images or just links to others’ posts.

Some of you generously noted that I was the only blogger that included preview images of participating bloggers, that all other people just put links to others’ blogs or not even that, and I appreciated that you appreciate my effort.

When I first came up with that idea, it was spontaneous, and not calculated in any way. Let me explain – whatever I do on this page I do out of heart. This is my space. If I enclose others’ images it was never to attract more traffic to my personal space, and it was certainly never out of will (or necessity) to wear borrowed plumes.

If that were the case I would have never posted some photos of the subject matters that I hated, but they meant something to my blogger friends and I respected that – so I uploaded the little preview images on my blog to show participating bloggers that I appreciate their effort and cooperation – but never, never to make my own blog “more attractive” by posting them on my page.

Owing to some confused bloggers that misinterpreted my intentions I decided to stop publishing preview images of participating entires and as of now you will have to click on the links provided under to post to check them out on their respective blogs.