Michelle at Weekly Photo Challenge gave us the theme of “scale” for this Friday. I went with a statue standing in front of the Buckingham Palace in London.



on top


Let’s see what other participants have entered for Scale.

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Black & White Sunday: City




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It is the last day of November today and I have an early Christmas gift for all those interested in taking part in B&W Sunday and Thursday’s Special and following the theme. You are of course aware that theme is optional (you can go with your own theme ALWAYS).

Since both Christmas and the New Year fall on a Thursday, we’ll skip these two dates. Here is the schedule of posts with the corresponding themes for this December: 

2014/12/4  –   Young (Thursday’s Special)

2014/12/7  –    Panorama (Black &White Sunday)

2014/12/11 –   Imperfection (Thursday’s Special)

2014/12/14 –  Flow (Black & White Sunday)

2014/12/18 –  Sunset (Thursday’s Special)

2014/12/21 –  Night (Black & White Sunday)

2014/12/28 – Wish (Black & White Sunday)


Please check the cool contributions to Black & White Sunday. Click on the links bellow:  

Photography 101: Treasure

I did not want to take a chance by showing you my personal treasure; I would not want you to go after it, so here is a house of treasure instead, or the Tower of London as they call it; the place where they keep the Crown Jewels.


tower of london_trees_dif-fog


This is my entry for today’s #photo101 project.

Black & White Sunday: Bridge

Is there anybody out there? 

tower bridge night_b&w

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First Impressions of London

On my first day in London the city did not show itself in the best light. Making my way through the crowds of tourists and locals rushing in all directions on wet streets here is what I captured.


This Monday Jo is taking us to Sheepwash and the Moors. Though I haven’t seen any sheep being washed, the walk is gorgeous and inviting. Why don’t you join her here.

On the Move

I found these two splashing beauties in Hyde Park last week. Though they made some noise, the show they put on made me fall in love with London’s feathery inhabitants.


on the move


This is my entry to this week’s Photo Challenge: On the Move.