B&W Sunday: The Big O Party

This Sunday I was thinking about making some opium poppy tea. 😉

Fancy a cup, anyone?



When I look at a delicate crimson poppy flower I tend to forget that its capsule contains seeds used to produce the most potent analgesic and the most addictive narcotic in the world.

poppiesHere are a few facts about the opium poppy:

  • It was first grown in the western Mediterranean (southern France and Italy) some 4000 years BC, 
  • It is cultivated in some parts of Europe, Latin America, Tasmania, in several countries of Southeast Asia and Latin America, but the only country authorised to produced gum opium is India.
  • The opium poppy was the cause of the 19th century opium wars between England (later France too) and China which resulted in ceding Hong Kong to the British.
  • The principal alkaloid and powerful active ingredient in opium is morphine which has proved to be the the most efficient pain killer ever known.
  • The most potent drug, heroin (from German “heroisch,” which means “heroic, strong”) is produced from morphine.
  • In the language of symbolism the poppy represents Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams.

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