Weekly Photo Challenge: FRIENDSHIP

Once again Ms Rosso made me do something I had never done before. The weekly challenge said: “friendship” so I grabbed my camera and went for a tour of my neighbourhood.

It is the first time that I took a shot at street photography and not being looked suspiciously upon, or being scolded as a stalker, I have to admit I had fun taking these pics.

Stories of friendship from my neighbourhood park…

04 – You Picked Me (click on the link on the left to have some musical background to the posted pics)

Weekly Photo Challenge: SUMMER

I wish I could say “Summer’s in the air“, but it is not the case here, not yet. The weather has been wild for the last couple of weeks.

Here I give you a few snapshots of summer the way it is in the Adriatic. I can still recall the smell of the sea, the late summer breeze and the joy that sounds of waves splashing over rocks bring me.

Summer as we know it in Croatia….




Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUE

I might have got carried away here by posting several photos, all taken in the Alps that seems my favourite place to be… up in the air, closer to the skies one gets a different perspective on life. I don’t think these photos are something to be admired by photographic professionals, but they are my memories, and looking at them makes me smile.