A Walk Among the Menhirs

Would you join me for a walk among the menhirs of Taravo valley on Corsica? The largest and the most famous megalithic site on the island, Filitosa, stretches on a hilltop of an ancient olive grove.

I knew I wanted to see Filitosa even before I came to the island. Seriously, if you had seen the advert  “open air museum with stones cut and erected 8000 years ago” – would you have been able to resist your curiosity? I wasn’t and I am glad, even though it meant driving the whole day from the other side the island and arriving only 40 minutes before closing time; I have to say that visiting Corsica without stopping by this Neolithic wonder would not have been a complete experience. Here are some snaps of what I saw there:


If you think that I haven’t shown you enough, stay tuned for the Filitosa sequel next Monday. This is my entry for Jo’s Monday Walk. Today she is dragging us atop of Whitby cliffs to visit St. Mary’s.


Black & White Sunday: Stones



You may grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your black and white photos regardless of the theme. You may want to see Stonehenge in colour and read about latest discoveries.




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Thursday’s Special: Stones


I am sure that most of you have recognised Stonehenge, the best known prehistoric monument in Europe.
I was there just 10 days ago, but it already seems ages ago. If you want to learn more about this fascinating and mysterious sight, there are some great documentaries on you tube. I would be happy to see your contributions to Thursday’s Special, so leave me the link in the comments section. Happy Thursday!




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